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That is crazy!

Complete freedom of design combined with many unique material advantages!

Design at home afterwards:

Modular building block system

consisting of:
Straight lines, inside and outside corners and various middle parts

grafik baukasten baukasten.png

Design tracks

Lay a wide design sheet completely through your swimming pool!
The result is unique, modern and individual!

grafik baukasten seitenbahnen.png

Choose ready-made graphics!

Select high-resolution, ready-made images and design the swimming pool with numerous motifs, fixed sizes and shapes.

"BLUE was yesterday!"

grafik baukasten bodenmotiv.png

Projects for swimming pool builders:

Create your theme world!

Through professional planning, design and laying, you get an extraordinary, fantastic pool area.

grafik baukasten komplett.png

Create your underwater world!

Give your pool a new outfit and design your underwater world with ready-made liners!

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