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The individual package

for your desired design

Dress your swimming pool individually and

according to your wishes!

Design elements

Our experienced planning team

works out the optimal implementation

Of your project! Together with

You will get all the variants of the

Processing before production

planned and discussed to a

the best possible "it's gone!"

Secure experience!


Regardless of the shape or size of the pool, there are no limits to the design options

set! Our materials and production

procedures are and will be unique in Germany

From the trained staff of your

Explained by a person skilled in the art.


The creation process

Step 1


Inspection of the property

Floor plan and dimensions through

the swimming pool builder

step 2


2D drafts

step 3

ansicht 2D.jpg



Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

3D Rendering 3.png
Bildschirmfoto 165.png



3D drafts

Construction phase

Water on!

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