The material

Reinforced swimming pool lanes - the perfect solution!

• suitable for all pools - foil, liner, tiles, GFP, metal, concrete or PVC •

• suitable for renovation and new construction •

• Can be installed without a specialist •

Our high-quality fabric-reinforced swimming pool membranes are used in public swimming pools, pools in leisure facilities, hotel pools and exclusive private pools. They are the ideal material for lining fixed pools of all sizes and shapes, both indoors and outdoors.
Extremely tear-resistant and hard-wearing, their quality ensures lasting swimming comfort. The lining is resistant to weathering and cold and offers the highest standards of hygiene. Due to its antimicrobial finish, there is no chance for any fungi and bacteria. Our SBG swimming pool liners are tested according to the high requirements of the German Federal Health Office and meet all chemical and physical guidelines.
The membranes are quickly and easily welded together on a protective and separated layer of fleece to form a seamless, homogeneous and 100% waterproofen surface.

Whether tiles, concrete, metal, plastic or wood -
SBG 150 swimming pool lanes can be used on everyone
load-bearing subsurface.


The pressure lasts for many years and depends on several factors:

  • PH value
  • Disinfection type
  • Chlorine content
  • Water temperature
  • Water treatment
  • Water pollution
  • Detergent / material
  • Use pool robots

The durability of the film is 10 years. Resistant to standard swimming pool maintenance and water cleaning agents

with exact adherence to the application instructions and water temperatures up to 28 ° C.

Colour matching

..We match up our designs on

coloured films from the manufacturer
for a perfect result

The color matching of our produced design webs is a special service that we are happy to offer you.

This is how we adapt our designs and graphic work to color and film requirements.


Combine as you wish!